Score Relief 2021 Contest

I would like to share the music that I composed for Score Relief 2021 contest. I decided to participate because I love animation films and it is difficult to get the opportunity to work with this genre of films.

In this case, the prize of the contest is to record the music with an ensemble of 27 musicians. For this reason, I decided to compose for this ensemble. No extra musician, overdub techniques or electronics instruments were considered.

The ensemble of the prize is the following:

1 Flute
1 Oboe
1 Bb Clarinet
1 Bassoon

1 Trumpet
2 F Horns
1 Tenor Trombone

1 Percusion (the musician change between Timpani, suspended cymbal, mark tree)
1 Piano
1 Harp

4 1st Violins
4 2nd Violins
4 Violas
3 Chellos
1 Double Bass

To compose for this ensemble, it is neccesary to be careful with the string section to balance and work with it due to the 4-4-4-3-1 configuration is a bit unbalance regarding the common orchestral rule of number two. In some moments, I divide the 2nd violins and violas to balance the open textures (doing a configuration (4+2)+(2+1)+3)

It is also neccesary to be careful with percusion and let the enough time to the musician to change of instrument. In some moments, I use the sound design of the video as an element of the soundtrack. For example, during the chase moment I use the sound of the trees to contribute to the music accents so the musician can play the cymbal instead to use the timpani for the accent (the sound design work as a Gran Cassa in this point).

And, that’s all. I hope you like it!

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