El Accidente OST

At the beginning of 2021, I have the opportunity to work with the director Marta Cristobal due to a collaboration between Film Academy iRTVE and the institute of advanced musical studies Katarina Gurska where I was studying a master degree of Music Composition for Media. For this short movie, I collaborated with a colleague of the master degree, a good friend and good composer, Paloma Vírseda to score the film together. It was a great experience because it improves the musical ideas of both of us. It’s great to work with other composer because it makes me to feel confident having someone to discuss the different ideas.

We started to work from the script, the short movie is a drama that shows different difficulties of the immigrants so we decided to use a minimalist and modern musical template. Due to the friendship of Paloma with an excellent singer, Antía Muíño, we decided to compose an orchestral song for the credits. Also, due to Paloma is a great violist, the score includes some real viola recorded that Paloma performed. Finally, the short movie won the best score awards in the iRTVE Film Festival.

You can listen the score in the link below. I hope you like it.

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