“Hollywood Demo Choir” contest

During March, the compay EastWest Quantum Leap organised a contest to compose a choral piece using their new library Hollywood Choir and other libreries of the company. For this, they send Hollywood Choir licenses for 1 month of use . The most insteresting feature of the libreary is the Wordbuilder tool that allows us to create personalized phrases for the choir using sampled phonemes. You can listen the short piece that I composed below. In order to create something different from the epic choir tracks (choir singing in staccato or marcato, or a choir behind singing syllables “ah” or “oh” as many cinematic tracks) I wanted to compose a piece where the choir was more relevant so I composed a little hymn with a text written by me in Italian.

Although I couldn’t test and compose with this library enough time due my tasks in other projects, I think that this library is not fit for me. In my opinion, the wordbuilder produces not enough realistic results due to the unions of phonemes. Also some phonemes have different volume so it is hard to play with it. It requires to make hand corrections to get a result that sounds better and more realistic.  For me, the use of traditional choir libraries based on syllabes produces better results fastly although we sacrifice the possibility of write the text.

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