Berlin International Film Scoring Competition 2020

During the first two weeks of January, I worked in this project for the Berlin International Film Scoring Competition 2020. The competition consists in the composition and production of a original soundtrack for an animated short film chosen. After, the works are evaluated by a international jury formed by composers. In this case, the short movie selected was Escape, an animated sci-fi movie very visual atractive and a great storytelling.

For the contest, it is possible to use the sound design and foley material of one of the three finalist of the Berlin International Sound Design Competition. In my case, I used the foley work of Peter Baumann as a base to compose the music on it. My style of composition for this work was totally orchestral, without electronic elements and without sound design. The idea was to create an tribute to the adventures films that I enjoyed when I was a teen (I am keeping enjoying it).

I hope you like it!

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