New Mare Nostrum EP

Some days ago, the second EP of my pirate rock band Mare Nostrum was published. The EP title is “hacia el amanecer” and it contains three songs that are representation of the different styles of the band. Free download and listen from Bandcamp clicking the following image.

I composed two songs for this EP (Galeón and Destino de un héroe) and I also composed the arrangements of the third song (Frío Mortal). Therefore, I play all guitars and bass lines of the EP and I produced the violin parts.

Finally, I also invite you to listen the first EP of the band that was published a year ago. The EP title is “Rompiendo el mito” and I participated on it composing the track “Faraón” and the guitar and keys arrangement for the tracks  “Contra viento y marea” and “Mare Nostrum”.  I recorded the lead guitar parts of the EP. Free download  and listen of the EP “Rompiendo el mito” can be listened and downloaded clicking the image.