Pablo del Campo is a spanish composer and musician.

From a early age, Pablo showed an incredible passion about soundtrack music (both films and video games) and step by step he became in a great music lover specially interested for rock, jazz, metal and classical music. It was not until  he was 19 years when he took his first electric guitar and began his music career. He took lessons of guitar and fundamentals of modern harmony with different experimented musician and joined with rock bands of various styles (folk, progressive, hard rock) where I got experience in live performances (even in radio and TV) and he participated as musician/composer in different publications. He is part of the melodic rock band with pirate theme “Mare Nostrum” at present.

The musical education of Pablo is not limited to modern music and guitar techniques. A years after, he started to learning piano and other instruments as accordion and took lessons of classic harmony, counterpoint, analysis and composition and, later, he specialised in Film, TV scoring with the music composer Bernabé Salvador as tutor.

Due to his music passion, the influences of Pablo are very mixed and goes since classical composers as Sibelius, Rimski-Kórsakov, Holst, Debussy to actual composers as Danny Elfman, John Powell, Howard Shore or James Newton Howard and contemporary artists as Steven Wilson and Ólafur Arnalds.

Nowadays, he combined his music life with a experimented career as R&D engineer.