Scoring for Media

Original music for different projects:

  • Movies and short movies
  • Video-games (BGM, main themes)
  • Teasers, spots and corporate videos


Music composition 

Making music from a wide point of view:

  • Tracks and songs of different genres (rock, pop, metal progressive, minimalism, new age, folk, indie…)
  • Music for musicals and theatre shows
  • Academic and classical pieces (symphony and chamber music, piano pieces)

Arrangement services

If you have a piece or a song but still not convinced I can help you. From composition arrangement to new instruments addition or even orchestral lines, I offer you a lot of possibilities to make your song or piece bigger.

Also, I offer a service of produce arrangement of an existing song or piece to piano solo or other instruments, even orchestra. I’m open to all types of projects.

I have the most current tools for music production (DAW, VST libraries) to provide high quality music. Likewise, due my musical training, I could play and record guitar, bass, piano, accordion and other real instrument at my personal studio. For the case of movies and high budget projects, I offer the possibility of record the final pieces with a real symphony orchestra in a specialised studio in OST recordings.