Global Game Jam – Pathlighter OST

During the last weekend of January, the Global Game Jam 2021 was performed. I entered without a team in the site coordinated by UCM and Voxel School. This year the event was completely online due to COVID situation but it wasn’t a problem to meet a talented development team at the beginning of the event and join with them.

To provide more details, a game jam is an event with a duration of some days where small teams of developers (6-7 person max) design and develop a videogame within a topic fixed by the organization. This year the topic was “Lost & Found” so, we decided to design a game where a lighthouse guides lost ships during the night to arrive safe to the port. The team worked so hard in every aspect (art, design, playability…) and finally we won the “most innovative game” award. It made me really happy because the work was rewarded.

I would like to share the main theme of the game that I composed. It was composed and produced during a night due to the inner limitations of a game jam.

I hope you like it


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