ALBION ONE 10th Anniversary competition

At the beguining of the year, I participated in the international contest organised by Spitfire for the 10th anniversary of one of his most important libraries, Albion.

The task of the contest was to create a score for the trailer of the new update of Albion One. There was no rules about the style of the music so I took as reference the style of the video that is a bit futuristic and modern, and for this reason I decided to mix some synth sounds with the symphonic orchestra. This is precisely the concept of Albion One because it includes orchestral sounds with a module of hybrid sounds and synths.

This is my entry for the contest. I had to make the entire music the last day (it took me four hours) due to  I was working in a short movie soundtracks the previous days. But, even with this time constraint, I think the result looks very well.

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