Westworld Scoring Competition 2020

During the last weeks of May I was composing for this competition that is hosted by Spitfire Audio company and HBO Westworld TV serie. The competition was about composing the soundtrack for a car chase scene of the third season. In the real episode, the producers chosed the orchestral piece The Ride of the Valkyries of Richard Wagner as music for this and I would like to say that, although this piece has been used in many films in a great way, in my opinion, it doesn’t work well for this scene because it doesn’t enchance the story and doesn’t create tension for the action. For this reason, my proposal is completely different.

My proposal for the music is darker, with a orchestration similar to films as Inception, the trilogy of Batman of Nolan and this kind of films with a dark atmosphere. In this work, I don’t use woodwinds but I use an expanded brass section with more power in the middle-low range: 9 horns, 3 trombones, 3 bass trombones, 3 tubas, 3 cimbassos and 3 trumpets that I only use in some specific moments. I also use electronic, hybrid sounds, synths and a big percussion ensemble in order to create a modern sound.

In my opinion, the biggest difficult with the video is that the electric cars are too slow so the music must provide tension to create an epic persecution and create the illusion of the cars are faster than they really are. From the point of view of the composition, there are three parts, the first one is the persecution with no melodic music that has the function of create the effect that I already mentioned, the second one is the counter attack part that has a melodic heroic music and the third one recover the tension because the counter attack was useless and I use here some leitmotivs of the main theme of Westworld  because it is what I would do if I’ll be hired to compose music for the TV series.

I hope you like it.

PS: I have included an easter egg of one of my favourite rock bands. Try to find it.

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